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The Rahnik herd is run under strict commercial conditions,   

We run around 60 Registered Blonde breeders

All females must perform on paddock feed with the ability to thrive in dry times, fertility is of high priority whilst early maturity with heavy muscle & softness is sought after       

 At Rahnik we believe that female selection is equally as important to our sire selection, producing powerful Bulls & Females that todays market requires!


Renard Queen at 13 years old


Pictured at 13 years old    

A very easy doing cow with extreme depth & volume  Very loose skin with smooth muscle, Queen scanned 14mm of fat cover at 922kg in prime show condition

Queen has won many show championships, in 1998 & 2002 she took out Supreme ALLBREEDS Champion at Royal Melbourne Show

Queen is the mother to both Beef Master & Holster

Very few cows stack up against this grand old Dam, We have flushed her to USUS & have E.T calves on the ground

Now 17 years old, she is still the QUEEN of the Rahnik herd




Pictured at 11 years old

Goldie is a very deep bodied cow with heaps of milk whilst retaining a power of muscle, on a low set medium frame, a very easy doing cow producing Bulls & females of top quality

Goldie has that one in a million temperament

A great cow that has bred Stud Bulls like Rahnik Shameless & Rahnik Bundy

Rahnik E MACK DADDY is Goldies best calf yet, he is at the peak of thickness, length with extreme muscle & has Goldies great temperament

Unfortunately we lost Goldie to grass teteny last year.

RAHNIK WSS LACE at 10 years old


Pictured at 10 years old

Lace is sired by the imported Embryo sire Renard wss Peter, a well proven cow with many top shelf calves with most of her females retained in the Rahnik herd

An easy doing cow with a perfect top line, great length & depth with a soft coat & loose skin carrying heaps of fat cover & milks very well.

Lace has a very good temperament with excellent feet & Legs


AMAROO ZAILA at 3 years old


Pictured at 3 years old

Zaila is the mother to Rahnik bredtohustle,a powerful young cow with excellent muscle & softness with very good milk

She has produced top quality calves with 2 Bulls going into studs & 3 females to date retained in the Rahnik herd

A great cow with a perfect temperament, very deep & long with a big rump!

Her conformation is perfect with great feet & legs

A very early maturing cow on a low set moderate frame

She is one of our favourites!

We flushed her to Neilson & have E.T calves on the ground.

     Courtney Lodge       RARE  PP

Pictured at 12 years old

The First Homozygous Polled Cow to be registered in Australia!

Rare has produced 13 polled calves by 7 horned Bulls in a 11 month calving interval

A super fertile milky cow that has all the Blonde atributes & is also true polled

Rahnik has established a quality Polled herd out of Rare & her progeny along with a few select single Polled out cross Cows

We have flushed her to Rainer & have 5 homozygous polled calves on the ground

securing her valuable RARE genetics.


COURTNEY LODGE RARE at 12 years old
BLONDEWAY MINUET at 16 years old


Pictured at 16 years old

Minuet, now 20 years old is the oldest cow in our herd ,We have retained most of her daughters over the years

Take note of her tight udder & great backline & depth at this age!

She is a grand old dam that has produced top Bull calves and excellent females that grow very fast, she carries outstanding growth E.B.Vs

Minuet goes back to the original Constantia  herd

Longevity is well proven at 20!


Pictured at 18 years old

Marion, now 20 years old, is the oldest cow in our herd, She was the first cow we purchased to start our Stud

Whilst only in fair condition, she is doing very well with a huge calf at foot on minimal short feed

Marion has 17 calves registered to her! talk about longevity & fertility

A sweet old cow with many of her daughters retained in our herd

She has earned a place on the Rahnik farm for the rest of her days!

We do not cull for age, we simply take a little extra care of our old girls....... their worth it!

Marion passed away Sept 2012 from old age

RENARD MARION at 18 years old


Pictured at 14 years old

Rosemary, now 16 years old, is a powerful heavy muscled cow with great depth & length whilst retaining softness and positive fat cover

An honest old girl that has delivered a calf every year!

She goes back to the great sire Gelstar 803X

Rosemary still has perfect feet & legs with a strong top line & a tight udder with plenty of milk

Another old foundation cow, still sound & active in the herd



Pictured at 11 years old

Violet goes back to the popular sire Gullit

A Top producing cow that puts a great stamp on both Bulls & Females

She has depth, length smooth loose skin, with plenty of fat cover on a moderate frame

Her conformation is very good with great feet & Legs

Violet is smooth through the shoulder with a good top line

Another easy doing cow, maintaining good condition in very dry times!


RENARD VIOLET at 11 yers old


Pictured at 9 years old

Princess now 11 years old is a daughter to Queen by the french Sire Gullit

A Top female that has the lot!

Depth, Length, softness, volume, Milk, great feet & legs, docile temperament

She is strong through the shoulder & top line

Princess throws fast growing, early finishing calves & has excellent E.B.Vs

We have sold 2 daughters to date at $4500 & $6500, with a grandaughter selling for a record $7000 at auction

A great example of a Top Cow

Rahnik Tamara at 7 years old by Rahnik Holster
Rahnik W55 Ictere [Polled] by Ictere at 11 years old
Rahnik Baroness by Corolin Xuberant at 4 years old
Rahnik Sandy by Rahnik Holster at 6 years old
Rahnik April by Fallou at 7 years old
Rahnik Mini by Rahnik Holster at 8 years old
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