'Rahnik Blonde Stud'

What do we Stand for?

Honest in all dealings

Reliable at our word

Pride in our product

Proud of what we produce

Believe in what we breed

Fact in what we say

Courtesy & Patients

What do we Love!

We love our Blondies & have a bunch of Horses, plenty dogs & lots of wildlife

LIFE is good on the farm!

If you love your job!           You won't work a day in your life!


Loree & Rudi Spiteri

Rahnik Blondes Breedplan Recorded Since 1998

Rare is the FIRST homozygous polled Blonde to be registered in Australia , with her son Rahnik G Polled Express , also 'Homozygous Polled' Semen now available through Agri-Gene Wangaratta  0357222666

Rare is now 20 years old and still breeding on!


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© 2010 Rahnik..                  RAHNIK BULLS ARE 'THE NATURAL GROWTH PROMOTERS'      all photos are natural camera shots






  RAHNIK  Blonde d'Aquitaine Stud    est 1995

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 Bulls,  cows & calves, heifers,  Blonde stud starter package & homo polled semen for SALE!

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WELCOME to                            Loree on Lena

Rahnik Blondes.................sit back & enjoy the ride!    RAHNIK BREDTOHUSTLE at 5 years old 














                     Rahnik Bredtohustle pictured at 10 years old!

Rahnik Blondes..breeders of thick,very heavy muscled,soft cattle

Stud principals Loree & Rudi Spiteri have been breeding BLONDES for 21 years

Our aim is to produce Bulls that grow fast & deliver heavy muscled thick calves at a young age, combine this with softness & positive fat cover WITHOUT compromising calving ease....To Give YOU the perfect BEEF SIRE!

Breedplan Recorded..Performance Guaranteed..Big Muscle...Big Butts...Big Nutts

Rahnik have the first registered homozygous polled Blonde in Australia!          

Top Bulls come from Top Females!

RAHNIK Cows are bred to perform!

Running on marginal country at Seymour Victoria, under strict commercial conditions.

Our herd consists mainly of Moderate sized cows that are well muscled     feminine & soft with adequate milk displaying the ability to thrive in dry times. our genetics are very diverse with select females bred & purchased  to suit our needs.

Composite BLACK d'Aquitaine BULLS available next season!                                                                                                                                       Rahnik G Polled Express PP, winter condition, 48 mths old SEMEN AVAILABLE

Rahnik G Polled Express PP at 28 months old joining 40 cows!Homozygous polled, suitable over grown heifers, excellent growth EBV's

Very long, Low set bull with good fat cover & moderate muscle

Working condition joining 40 cows!

Renard Queen Interbreed Champion, Royal Melb Show 1998 & 2002
Courtney Lodge Rare PP