Experiance the way Rahnik sell their stock!

We have moved to Seymour, come along for a look & a chat...all welcome!

Offered for genuine sale, will be a selection of joined & unjoined Heifers, cows with calves or in calf and a selection of Rahnik Blonde Bulls, known for their big butts, heavy muscle, thickness &,soft, meaning easy finishing, suited for producing outstanding calves at a young age, straight of mum!

Due to an exceptional sale year, all our older bulls are sold, we now have young, working age, Bulls available for sale, aged between 14 to 20 months old

Call Rudi on 0418575561 to arrange an inspection!


Thank you to all our repeat clients that secured over 28 Bulls, off farm, last season!


Breeding Homozygous Polled, single Polled and Horned Blonde cattle


    Why you should consider Rahnik Blondes?


  • We offer easy sale conditions with generous terms.  
  • All stock purchased may remain on farm at NO extra charge, with delivery arranged at your request, any time up to 3 months after purchase.
  • FREE delivery up to 300 km from Broadford
  • All prices declared on sale stock
  • Genuine 10% discount offered to ALL repeat buyers
  • Genuine 10% agent rebate, available to all agents, introducing new clients & settling on there behalf.
  • Further 5% discount offered to buyers that purchase multiple stock on the same day.
  • One on one inspections and advise on your requirements.
  • NO forced rushed bidding, personal selection of your Blonde, then buy when you are ready, walk away and we will organize your delivery at a future date.
  • Blonde stud package available, 6 stud registered females & 1 stud Bull including 1 years free Blonde membership
  •  Personal advise and guidance to help with your new stud...call for a chat!  

   What we offer you?

  • Pasture fed stock, minor supplement feeding only
  • 21 years of selective breeding
  • Very heavy muscled long commercial Bulls
  • Thick chunky low set early maturing Bulls
  • Polled or Horned, Silver , Blonde or Red Bulls & Females
  • B Butt vealer producing Sires for extra $$$ on your calves
  • Bulls that give you the same return for heifers & steers
  • Stud Sires both polled and horned
  • Stud females including a stud starter package
  • Embryo calves
  • Homozygous Polled, single Polled & Horned
  • Leading genetics from Australia & the world
  • Imported embryo's and Homozygous Polled semen
  • Experience and knowledge to help with your selection

             Please stay tuned for more updates, photos and information

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