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RAHNIK ELIMINATOR         Ear Tag No 971        SOLD Yackandanda

Photo taken at 7 months old         D.O.B 2-3-09

Eliminator is sired by Upmarket, his growth rate is outstanding, being the heaviest calf this drop, he has a huge thick rump & great top line with a perfect temperament & large testicle size, this bull will make an excellent vealer Bull!

Rahnik Eliminator    Ear Tag No 971
RAHNIK ELIMINATOR at 18 mths old

RAHNIK EMPEROR       Ear Tag No 981        SOLD to Garfield

Photo taken at 7 months old        D.O.B  28-2-09

Emperor is sired by Upmarket out of a Xerox cow, a top calf packed with top genetics                A big muscled calf, deep & thick with huge testicle size, very early maturing with a perfect temperament, this bull will produce very heavy muscled calves at a young age!

Rahnik Emperor by Upmarket
RAHNIK EMPEROR at 21 mths old

RAHNIK ENFORCER               Ear Tag No RBE4     STUD SIRE + POTENTIAL!  


                              SOLD  WANGARATTA

        If the reserve price is not met, Enforcer will be retained as our next Stud sire

           D.O.B  6-3-09   Birth weght 43kg     current weight taken 13-2-11 842kg

Enforcer is possibly the best sire we have bred to date, thick & long with depth, very heavy muscle and a great rump profile, whilst still retaining plenty of softness & very good fat cover

He carries meat in all the right places with a very soft flank, strong top line & quiet nature    

Sired by Upmarket out of our top show cow Queen, Melbourne interbreed champion 1998 & again in 2002

Enforcer has EBV's in the top value for 400 day growth & scrotal size with 200 and 600 day growth figures in the top 1% of the breed,    EBV's just don't get any better than this!

This bull has the complete package & is hard to fault, he will make a top stud sire over Cows!

Rahnik Enforcer by Amaroo Upmarket at 23 mths
RAHNIK ENFORCER at 20 mths old

RAHNIK ETHONOLE          Ear Tag No 969              SOLD to Dingee

Ethonone, pictured at 18 mths old is a very quiet bull with high growth for age, a long bull with a great rump profile & a strong top line, he is thick and low set on a medium frame boasting very early maturity pattern also responding well on short winter feed, suite heavy veal production!

RAHNIK ETHONOLE at 18 mths old

RAHNIK EXPRESS   Ear Tag 989           SOLD to Braidwood N.S.W

Express is a low birth weight bull with a full W.A pedigree

He is a well balanced bull with a very thick rump, good length & depth, softness and fat cover Express has a perfect temperament, he will suite heavy veal production

RAHNIK ELITE   Ear Tag 950                    SOLD  SERPENTINE

     D.O.B. 17.3.09    Birth Weight 39kg    Current weight taken 13.2.11  730kg

Elite is a low birth weight bull that is safe over grown heifers, he is long with a great rump profile, a soft bull with excellent conformation,feet & legs, He is early maturing with a quiet temperament, suited for veal / young beef production

RAHNIK E POLL [polled]   Ear Tag 964     SOLD KILCUNDA VIC

E POLL is sired by Upmarket out of a Rare daughter, he is very low birth weight & will suite grown heifers with care, E POLL is clean polled  with a great temperament and carries meat in all the right places, a stylish long bull with a great butt profile, softness with fat cover


       D.O.B.24.7.09     Birth Weight 40kg    Current Weight taken 13.2.11  628kg

An early maturing young bull with great style & shape!      Will suite grown heifers with care

Equalizer is very long and deep with plenty of muscle, his temperament is excellent, He has large testicle size and is very early maturing, suited for veal production   


Polled, Length, depth, growth, temperament, muscle, large testicles, early maturity!

Elderado has it all, and is low set with a big neck crest!... a great bull sold to great people.

RAHNIK ELDERADO at 15 mths old
RAHNIK ESCORT at 17 mths old weight 705kg

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RAHNIK ESCORT   [polled]  Ear Tag        SOLD  YARK


        D.O.B 17.7.09    Birth Weight 40kg   Current Weight taken 13.2.11   752kg

Escort is clean Polled, This bull has the lot! he is very long & deep with a heavy muscled rump profile, big testicle size, very correct conformation feet & legs

Escort has outstanding growth EBVs, he carries the highest growth EBVs we have ever bred to date, with 200 day growth in the top 2% of the bread and the highest values achievable in 400 & 600 day growth!  They just don't get any better than this!

Escort may be suitable for well grown heifers, but must be evaluated after use over cows first!