2012 RAHNIK   Bulls 'ALL SOLD'

Rahnik started breeding Blondes way back in 1995, we are fortunate to have achieved 100% clearance of Rahnik sale stock yearly due to strong demand, So our bulls offered again this year are all young working age

We are proud of the excellent quality of Bulls on offer again this year!                             

We have sons of Rahnik BredtoHustle & Amaroo Upmarket, be it Polled or Horned, with bulls suited for Cows & some suited for heifers

ALL Bulls offered are suited for heavy veal / young beef production, they are thick chunky low set Bulls with big powerful rumps & heavy muscled top lines showing lots of length & depth with some showing outstanding Stud potential

They are all performance recorded with impressive Breedplan figures, some are in the top 1% of the breed for growth, they boast large testicle size & are very early maturing with quiet easy to handle temperaments

Rahnik are leaders in Victoria, for Breedplan performance recording with extensive in herd evaluation ensuring our objectives are met or exceeded in calving ease, growth & selection for muscle mass with softness and easy doing ability, We take the guess work out of your next Bull selection!.....NO IFS OR MAYBE'S.....JUST ALL BUTTS!

Bulls are priced from $3000 and include FREE delivery within 300km radius of Broadford

Current photos & information packs available to all interested purchasers



                    Sale info available on ALL Bulls , email  rahnikblondes@bigpond.com.au

                                                OR  phone Rudi on 0418575561



  RAHNIK FREDYCRUEGER             Ear Tag No 20    Stud prospect!


Photo taken at 21 months old         D.O.B 28.3.10            SOLD

Fredycrueger is sired by Rahnik Bredtohustle, out of a Willroy Xerox cow, his growth rate is outstanding, being the fastest growing calf this drop, he has a BIG rump profile with great depth of body and a perfect temperament with a large testicle size, this bull will make an excellent Stud sire or Heavy veal producing Bull for the serious cattlemen!                      

Fredy is a low birth weight bull, suited for well grown heifers with care.


  RAHNIK FAT LOUIE       Ear Tag No 19                 SOLD

  Photo taken at 20mths               D.O.B 1.4.10                      

Louie is a low set bull with excellent thickness of rump & top line, heavy muscled & early finishing, with a low birth weight of just 36kgs, he is suited for grown heifers with care,       

Louie has a great temperament, and carries softness with fat cover and good EBV's

     RAHNIK FABIO           Ear Tag No 25                     SOLD


 Photo taken at 21 months old       D.O.B  17.3.10

Fabio is a thick, very long bull with depth and heavy muscle with a great rump profile, whilst still retaining plenty of softness & very good fat cover

A thick bull that carries meat in all the right places with a very soft flank & quiet nature

Fabio has excellent growth for age EBV's and is eager to work!   

Sired by Rahnik Bredtohustle out of our old foundation cow Courtney Lodge Rosemary, now  15 years old and still producing every year, she is still perfect in feet and structure.

This bull has the complete package & is hard to fault.    stud potential


    RAHNIK FANTOME         Ear Tag No 21          SOLD


   Photo taken at 21 months old   D.O.B 19.3.10

Fantome, pictured at 21 mths old is a very quiet bull with high growth for age, a very long bull with a great rump profile & a strong top line, he is thick and low set on a medium frame boasting very early maturity pattern, suited for heavy beef production at a young age!


   RAHNIK FRASER       Ear Tag 35                       SOLD                                                                                              

Photo taken at 21 months old         D.O.B 16.3.10

Fraser is a low birth weight bull suited for Heifers or Cows with a proven pedigree

He is a well balanced bull with a very thick, heavy muscled rump and huge E.M.A, a very long & deep Bull, with softness and fat cover,  Fraser has a great temperament, he is well suited for heavy veal, young steer production, due to his early maturity and fast growth rate, at a young age.


    RAHNIK FORTUNE    Ear Tag 17                     SOLD

  Photo taken at 15 months old    D.O.B 8.9.10

Fortune is a low birth weight bull that is safe over grown heifers, His dam is a very milky, he is long with a great rump profile and strong top line, a soft bull with excellent conformation,feet & legs, He is early maturing with a quiet temperament, suited for veal or young beef production

RAHNIK FORTUNE  at 15 mths old

    RAHNIK FONSIE       Ear Tag 94          SOLD

  Photo taken at 19 mths old   D.O.B  3.5.10

Fonsie is sired by Bredtohustle out of Queen, our old show cow, he is low in birth weight & will suite grown heifers with care, Fonsie has a great temperament and carries meat in all the right places, a stylish long bull that is early finishing with good coformation, softness with fat cover.

RAHNIK FONSIE  at 19 mths old

     RAHNIK FLYN    Ear Tag 12                    SOLD

     Photo taken at 15 months old     D.O.B  25.8.10

An early maturing young bull with great style & shape!      

Flyn is very long and deep with plenty of muscle, his temperament is excellent, He has large testicle size and is low set, thick and chunky, suited for veal or young beef production.   

RAHNIK FLYN at 15 mths old

    RAHNIK FRANKY        Ear tag 24                             SOLD

     Photo taken at 13 months old       D.O.B 1-7-10

Franky is a thick, deep  bodied bull with early development and a large testicle size suited for heavy veal or young beef production over british cows


Rahnik Franky pictured winter 2011 at 13 mths old

  RAHNIK F POLL                Ear Tag No 93    [POLLED]      SOLD    

Photo taken at 18 months old        D.O.B  5.6.10

F Poll is sired by Rahnik Bredtohustle out of our homozygous polled cow Rare, a top calf packed with top genetics  A big muscled calf, deep, thick & long with big testicle size, very early maturing with a good temperament, F Poll carries softness with fat cover and has top growth for age, this bull will produce heavy muscled calves at a young age!


© 2010 Rahnik..                  RAHNIK BULLS ARE 'THE NATURAL GROWTH PROMOTERS'      all photos are natural camera shots


2012Sale Bulls

RAHNIK F POLL  [polled]